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Dog Wedding Formal Dress and Tuxedos
Dog Wedding Formal Dress and Tuxedos 2
Dog Wedding Formal Dress and Tuxedos Kisses
Dog Wedding Formal Dress and Tuxedos 3
Dog Wedding Formal Dress and Tuxedos 4
Dog Bridesmaid Dress
Elegant Bridesmaid Dress
for your pooch!
With Our Dog Wedding Formal Dress, your pooch can
dress up appropriately as your bridesmaid. Or for any
upscale fashionable gatherings, this wrinkle free dress
can be the winner for her!
Stretchable delicate lace(Nylon 95%)  with butterfly
Hand washable with delicate fabric detergent Dry
cleaning recommended
11 sizes, Off White/Champaign Pink
Hiroko Takeshita Bouquet 1
Hiroko Takeshita Bouquet 2
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Dog Bridesmade Dress 2 colors
Dog Bridesmade Dress White on Rin
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Flower designer
for your wedding?
Flower by Hanaya
Flower by hanaya
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