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Fundle® Sling
Ultra Lightweight &
Padded shoulder strap for your comfort
Fundle® weighs only less than 1.5 lbs. Since
you carry it by wearing on your shoulder
diagonally, you feel even lighter than it actually
is and can do anything as both of your hands
are free.
In addition, our product features various
functions to protect you and your pet, such as
an inside safety leash snap, a wide padded
shoulder strap, dual side pockets and a zippered
removable cover (the material of front 1/3 of
the cover is mesh for ventration).
Fundle® holds your pet exactly the same way
you hold your pet
The pipe shaped cushion pads surrounding the opening are
replicated human arms in order to  provide physical comforts as
well as psychological security. Your pet feels like held by your arm
while resting his/her chin on the pads.  As Fundle holds your pet
close to your body, it not only minimizes the rocking which causes
stress on your pet, but also gives security.
Fundle®'s scientific design induces the most comfortable sitting
position for your pet. Your pet has the natural tendency to stick his/her
head out from a confined space to see the outside. (ex. Car, Carrier,
etc) This behavior causes your pet to stand up in most carriers and
gives unstable position to your pet. Fundle® satisfies your pets curiosity
by providing an inclined bottom so that your pet can see the outside
without standing up and keep the most comfortable sitting position. This
patented design provides the ultimate comfort and safety to your pet!
Fundle Jewelry Pattern Pet Sling for dogs
Jewelry  Polyester   Washable
Gold little rings over
soft black body.
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3 sizes available
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a right Fundle® Sling for
your and your pet.
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Fundle Jewelry Pattern Pet Sling for dogs
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